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Hockaday, Jim

Miracles now!

Hockaday Jim
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Do you believe in prayer? Making a connection with God is always more clear when the Word inspires you to believe. Use these bite sized nuggets to inspire your faith and then confirm it by praying the suggested prayers. It's like planting a seed and watching it grow - expect your miracle now.


Qualified for a miracle

Hockaday Jim
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When your world presents enormous challenges, God has an answer for you. He may not do things as you would, but He has the answer and He's ready to give it to a willing heart. Experience life to the fullness that God has for you and walk with Him into your miracle. You too, will find that you are Qualified for a miracle.


Until I Come

Hockaday Jim
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This book addresses:
- Rightly dividing the ministry of Jesus
- Thinking like God: If Jesus did, so must we
- Is there more to a son of God than meets the eye?
- The privilege of acting in His behalf
- The empowerment of the body of Christ
Jesus said: "Until I Come, the works I do, you shall do, also." Now, it's your turn


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